Message from the Rector

Dear students, faculty and staff members, graduates and partners, I congratulate you on the 90th anniversary of Gubkin University!

Behind this significant date there are bright pages of the history of Gubkin University, a real constellation of talented scientists and teachers, excellent professionals and true experts in their field. Over the years of effort, we together have brought up several generations of highly qualified specialists for the oil and gas sector, and contributed to solving key priority issues of the industry and the national economy. We are proud of our history, graduates, scientific schools, and faculty members.

In the history of the university there were challenging periods for the country and the world, but each of them was a new stage of the gradual development, served as a starting point for organizational and spatial changes aimed at improving the quality of education, individualizing educational trajectories. We are confident that the current uncertainties and challenges, faced by the industry sector and education, will not become a difficult and impossible objective for the managers and faculty members of the university. Continuity of generations, loyalty to traditions, enthusiasm of young specialists have powerful synergistic effects that lead to success of graduates in their professional work.

The 90th anniversary is a serious date for an individual, but not that much for a university. Today, designing a comprehensive development program, we have looked into the centenary of the university and identified the main goals and objectives that allow us to consolidate our leading positions in international oil and gas education and science.

As a rector and graduate of Gubkin University, I am proud of my Alma mater, my colleagues, students and graduates, and I know for sure that nothing can prevent us from being among the recognized leaders of higher education, one of the most popular universities. I wish all of us further success, good luck and all the best!

Rector of Gubkin University
Viktor Martynov